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Around 100,000 families in the UK lose their home to missed mortgage repayments every year. Proceedings with repossession of property can begin with just a couple of missed payments. Repossession can be avoided by selling your house quickly to provide peace of mind.


Your mortgage account falls into arrears as soon as you fail to make a mortgage repayment. It is very likely that you will be contacted by your lender via phone or a letter in the post to pursue the matter. If you are unable to pay or continue to miss subsequent repayment demands, the lender has the right to begin property repossession proceedings against you.


You will usually be provided with the option to create an affordable 'payment arrangement' with your creditor so that you can clear the outstanding arrears over a period of time. However, if you mortgage account has been in arrears for between 3-6 months without any attempt from you to clear the outstanding debt, the lender is likely to take legal action.


The lender's solicitor will contact you via a letter in the post demanding you pay the mortgage arrears in full within a set period of time. If no settlement is received, repossession proceedings will commence.


Your lender's solicitors will issue proceedings through the County Court and a date will be set for your hearing which you will be informed of via a letter in the post. Your case will be heard and a judgement issued by the court. Their verdict will determine whether or not your mortgage lender has sufficient evidence that you are unable to pay your arrears.


If the lender does have sufficient evidence then the court will issue a property repossession order, habitually stating that the lender has the right to repossess your home after 28 days should no payment settlement be reached.


If you remain in your property after the 28days, and have not repaid your arrears, your lender will apply for an eviction order forcing you to leave your home with immediate effect.


Falling into arrears on your mortgage is the first indication that you could be on a path towards facing repossession. There are a number of ways to prevent action taken against eviction. Selling your property and renting it back is one way of doing so. It allows you to release cash to settle your mortgage arrears, and perhaps other outstanding debts. You don't have to move house and the sale won't cost you any fees.


The process is quite simple. Once we've come to an agreement about the valuation of your house, we make you an offer to purchase it quickly. We also work with you to come up with a schedule of flexible and affordable rental payments so you can remain in your home once we have purchased it.


Providing that you have equity in your home, the money received from the sale of your property goes towards paying off your mortgage and any mortgage arrears that you have accrued. The remainder is cash in your bank account to do with what you please.


Choosing to sell your house and then rent it back can be a difficult decision to make. If you are struggling financially and you know that you won't be able to meet your lender's demands for arrears repayments, a sale and rent back agreement - perhaps with the option to buy back - really is the best option in the long term. Contact us to help you prevent repossession and to sell and rent back to clear your mortgage and debt repayments.


Our simple 3 step process

Free Valuation

We understand that everyone's situation is different. That's why we always take time to look at your individual circumstances, provide a free valuation and tailor a bespoke offer that's most appropriate for you.

Your Cash Offer

We offer fair prices and, where we can, offer up to and sometimes over 100% market value. Once you accept and agree to a sale price, you set a completion date and we'll cover all the costs and fees involved.


The sale completes and the funds are transferred into your bank account, via the solicitors, as instructed by you. We can complete on and exchange your property within just 28 days.


"My wife and I needed a quick house sale due to very unexpected job redundancies to both of us and we could not risk a lengthy property sale chain. The Repossession Freedom Team were very professional and helpful. They guaranteed us an offer and a fast sale within just 3 weeks. I'd recommend them to anyone in a similar situation."

- Mr Wilson, Southampton


Unlike other house buying companies, we take the time and care to really listen to your situation and are confident that whatever the problems, we can help you solve it! We specialise in working closely with homeowners to provide fast cash buyouts while making the whole process as simple as possible. Your satisfaction, coupled with our reputation, are above anything else in the most important aspects of our business.

No Stress or Uncertainty

No Agents, Costs or Fees

No Obligation Cash Offer


Avoid all the hassles, fees, agents and repairs involved with selling your house. Get a free consultation and valuation now and complete your sale within 28 days or less! Let's make selling your house secure, quick and easy.


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